6 Insanely USEFUL Tips to Start a Smash Hit Restaurant

Are you planning to start a new restaurant and want to make it big in the food industry?

Well, everyone who steps into this glamorous business aims to make his/her restaurant a smash hit. But, how many sustain, you must have seen in the past few years.

Having said that, let’s quickly take a dig at top 6 tips to do a bang-up job in food business:

1. Focus on the big three

No restaurant has been successful without an excellent chef, an excellent location and an excellent concept. Not only your location but your chef or “expertise” should also get along with your concept failing which your fast food place would be none less than a show business!

For guests, accessibility is of paramount importance and you can never become their favorite if you are remotely located. Well, you can look at top restaurants. They are highly accessible—LOCATION-wise, brand-wise and price-wise.

2. Slip up capital needs

Planning ahead is the ‘success mantra’ in any industry and food business is no exception. Plan and keep your account furnished with 6 to 9 months of working capital well ahead of time.

You’ll be amazed to see how rapidly expenses tot up and how much time your restaurant takes to have adequate footfall.

Majority new eateries witness a major decline in biz after the initial few months of its opening. This is where you need capital. A study puts it: “Many restaurateurs begin with cash in reserve and start screwing it thinking that their honeymoon phase will go on for life which is why they dwindle”.

3. Teach new people

If you can really take out time to look for people from different areas and have them onboard, there’s nothing like it. For example, you can visit some culinary schools to hire interns. While these interns are available at a fraction of the cost, you can teach and mould them into what you find fitting for your restaurant.

This can be amazingly rewarding since you can help them outline your food menu with new dishes. And, once interns are ready to work with you, your restaurant will become a ‘rip-roaring success’.

4. Never compromise on guest experience

The biggest mistake restaurant owners make is cutting down on stuff that adds to the guest experience. From equipments, attendants to valet parking and more, every little thing that involves guests is crucial.

Set aside a percentage that will always go towards developments that impact the guest and consistently adds value to the guests. Running attractive competitions, brain-storming useful give-aways and offering complimentary meals are some ways you can lend an incredible guest experience.

5. Have systems in place

Failing to have systems in place is the major disaster you can do to your food business as a restaurateur.

While majority restaurant owners resist the idea of including systems, owning developed systems allows owners to increase guest demand, stick to key people and generate revenue.

Not only organization generates word of mouth publicity but it also lends you the flexibility to be creative.

6. Evolve, evolve and evolve

If you have a brilliant dish idea but you can’t sell it, your restaurant business will soon go in doldrums. Associate with someone who has a complimentary ability and knows something you don’t. That’s when your idea turns into a successful business.

As a restaurateur you’ll always be busy interacting with people and rarely will you get time to prepare dishes. Then, why not have someone who knows food more than you do?

So, look for individuals smarter than you!

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