9 Ways Restaurants Use Technology to Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

The upcoming pioneer for smartphones and social media is most likely to be the restaurant table.

Well, customers want to view the recent technology they utilize assimilated into their dining experience, according to a Technomic Survey performed during consumer-facing technology fair, specifically if it steps up the process of receiving their meals or paying their food bills faster. And, nearly 50% of the persons shared the importance of using these technologies by restaurants and that they would like to use such tech. tools more frequently in 2016 to order food at table.

While some restaurants show their reluctance to use emerging technologies, some chains are already breaking new grounds in the area. Let’s catch a quick glimpse of the latest innovations:

Mobile Ordering

Well, fast-food chains have taken mobile ordering so seriously that they emerge as the forefront users of this evolving technology. The best example is Domino’s Pizza who lately introduced their mobile ordering app in Spanish language.

iPad Order Kiosks

You no longer need to queue up and wait in lines with the new iPad Order Kiosks technology. All you need to do is place your order at a food kiosk right away, and then sit back and relax.

Having opened their new restaurant in Seattle two months ago, Blazing Onion Burger Company is testing this new technology. Perhaps, the technology is speculated to not only bring down walk-aways but also step up number of orders received.

Facebook Ordering

Facebook Ordering may become the greatest technology leap showing in 2016’s end, as almost 100% of restaurateurs promise to have a robust Facebook presence by the year’s end. Firms that specialize in Facebook-payment integration for eateries like NetWaiter and ChowNow are now assisting restaurant owners to get their food ordering onto this famous social media networking platform.

While this feature carries a low-price tag, it has a great potential to expand food sales which will certainly attract a restaurant owner’s attention. For example, one Taco Spot in Charleston, SC witnessed a 10% boost in sales after having Facebook-based ordering.

Twitter Ordering

Having launched a tweet-to-order program in May, last year, Dominos stretched it to AnyWare Campaign in the following month with the introduction of food ordering through text and emoji. This not only earned Dominos a huge reputation but its sales also got a bump with nearly 50% of the orders showing up via Twitter Mobile.

Tabletop e-waiter & fast checkout

Diners never appreciate it when attendants take away their credit cards so as to complete the payment procedure as it mostly leads to credit-card frauds. Instead, hand them a restaurant-dedicated iPad they can pay and self-checkout on and where their credit cards never goes out of sight. Trust me, they’ll be happy J

Besides, the endless wait for plastic cards and bill to return is something diners also hate. One technological solution that facilitates tableside self-checkout is E la Carte’s Presto tablet. Not only does it suggest extra food items to order but also cuts down the diner’s stay by 7 minutes on an average.

Customers are delighted with prompt services and eating outlets can attend more consumers each night. HMSHost is an airport-restaurant chain that’s using Presto tablet to handle its operations.

Digital menu boards plus smartphones

Stick around fast-food eating places to change menus more frequently, as digital menu boards facilitate convenient upgrades instead of manually changing or upgrading food items and prices. Moreover, digital signage ensures quick-serve restaurants to offer both entertainment and interactivity so as to kill your waiting time.

For instance, the digital signboard at Boloco, the burrito chain in Boston, allows clients to indulge in tic-tac-toe or any on the PCs while they wait for the food to arrive.

Games while-u-wait 

According to a report by Gaming Industry expert, McDonald’s is planning to introduce gesture-enabled games this year. Crafted exclusively for children to play when they wait for their Happy Meals, this technology is known to cover about 150 restaurants based out of higher-profile locations.

So, gone are the times when kids used to grow restless waiting for their food. Perhaps, they’ll be busy gaming and games mean loads of fun and entertainment that will keep them returning to your restaurant.

Online Coupons

Numerous restaurants are utilizing online coupons, and diners knock them down every time they get an opportunity to do so. According to the Technomic Survey, more than 58% diners told that they have utilized them long before.

Social “check-in” incentives

As opposed to non-Hispanics, Hispanic diners utilize an app three times more to “check-in” to a restaurant. And, this is where restaurateurs can offer incentives for repeat diners via those mobile apps to build customer loyalty.

Hence, tech-savvy diners anticipate polished solutions that work and for catering to the evolving tastes of diners, it is very important that restaurant owners integrate technology that not just makes them happy but also turns table faster for former as well. A win-win situation for both.

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