Independent Restaurants vs. Chain Restaurants: Top 5 Challenges – Part II

Finding and retaining the best employees

Finding and retaining good employees have always been the major concern of all restaurateurs—independent or chain-restaurant. Independent restaurateurs need to look for few employees whereas chain restaurants have a hard time finding them. However, this is not the only difference between the two.

Independent restaurants have a unique culture to them and always encourage the staff to promote the culture they want to. Besides, the leniency of rules and regulations in independent segment has its own set of pros and cons, wages being the biggest issue. While some employees may be happier with it, others prefer quitting them for better career prospects.

Chain restaurants have a standard culture and the owner or the manager wants to practice it whatsoever. Rigid salary structure and fixed work responsibilities demands higher precision resulting in high attrition rate at chain restaurants with majority of workers taking up seasonal jobs than permanent.


Training staff is a time-consuming process so the training provided should be fully focused on your restaurant’s culture, the kind of guest experience you want to deliver and the standards you want to set; rather than; teaching them how to use the POS system. This is because; these systems are quite user-friendly and are a no-brainer. Found almost at all the restaurant desks across the globe, Oracle Hospitality systems are mostly known by all teams. So, whether you have a one restaurant or multiple restaurants, all you need is to train them adequately, and they will be at your disposal for a long time.

Maintaining Consistency

The pressure to deliver high quality day in and out is the biggest challenge the food industry is facing for past few years and will continue to do so in the coming times. Perhaps, with competition the pressure is going to elevate to newer levels; restaurateurs can’t imagine.

As an independent restaurateur, puts it, “Guests have been too demanding these days and we ensure that our last meal served is as good as the first one.”

The stress to maintain consistency is quite higher in an independent restaurant than in a chain restaurateur as the latter has everything streamlined from start to finish. From their food, waiting time to payment systems and more, everything is comparatively standardized so guests return with a superb guest experience.

On the other side, an independent restaurant has hell lot of problems as the preferences of owners play a dominant role. Instead of considering the end customers, owners and managers try to gain a bit of liberty in preparing and serving dishes. There are no set standards and even if there are any, staff doesn’t seem to adhere; resulting in lower consistency.


Maintaining consistency of your food can make or break your restaurant. With efficient Kitchen technology systems you can train chefs on how to prepare a dish timely utilizing the right parts and, of course, the right presentation. Besides, technology can also help you polish service levels including reducing your waiting time for food or to pay. In a nutshell, having the right systems helps a lot!

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