Independent Restaurants vs. Chain Restaurants: Top 5 Challenges – Part III

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Maximizing Efficiency

We all work to earn and as said, “saving done is the money earned”. The food industry is no exception.

Whether you have one restaurant or more than one or a chain restaurant, the pressure to maximize cost efficiency is huge in each one of them. However, a chain restaurant that has set standards in each of its outlets faces more pressure as there is no room for compromise on any aspect.

From the quality of food to service provided, everything needs to be beyond excellence as a bit of negligence can put the whole brand at stake whereas in independent restaurants, it’s not that rigid most of the times. Having successfully graduated all the legal formalities, restaurateurs mostly measure their success in terms of revenue and often relate maximizing cost efficiency with compromising on quality of food or service which is not agreeable at all.


Having inventory management systems on site will not only keep you updated on the stock available but also aid you in monitoring your expenses. Besides, it will show you how changes are increasing your productivity. Let’s say, if there is hike in meat prices, which all entrees on your food menu are impacted and is there a need to revise rates? You can also use staff management systems to streamline your work schedules so that you can cut down on payroll expenses for unneeded staff members on each shift.

Attracting guests

Last but certainly not the least, food industry is fiercely competitive and therefore it becoming tougher for restaurant owners to attract guests to their restaurants.

While every single outlet of a chain restaurant leverages the branding and marketing campaigns done as a whole, owners of an independent restaurant have a hard time promoting their brands. Limited capital and sources don’t allow them to invest too much and therefore attracting guests becomes challenging for them.


Not only will technological solutions help you deliver superb guest experience but can also be utilized to run several customer loyalty programs. You can leverage social media to promote your restaurant. Moreover, extending your eatery to provide under-the-sky eating will definitely make you stand out. Spicing up your delivery processes or takeaway services can certainly be done with the right technology. Lastly, you gain complete control of your food business with easier sales forecasting and second by second performance tracking.

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