Independent Restaurants vs. Chain Restaurants: Top 5 Challenges Series – Part I

Are you a chain restaurant owner or is it one restaurant that’s driving you insane?

Food industry is facing a cut-throat competition nowadays and it’s becoming more and more challenging for restaurateurs to sustain and provide best guest experience. However, having one restaurant and multiple restaurants or a chain restaurant are two different things. While the challenges faced by both might be same, the reasons behind are very much unique to them.

In this series, not only I bring you top 5 challenges faced by restaurateurs but how they can overcome those challenges by employing adequate technological systems and solutions.

So, without wasting anymore time, let’s dig right in.

Controlling ALL aspects              

It goes without saying but managing an independent restaurant is quite easier than a full-fledged chain restaurant. Let’s understand this with an example: If you’re a cook and prepare dishes in your home kitchen, how can you keep a tab on happenings taking place in rest of the house? So, even if you have one restaurant, checking and controlling all the aspects from preparing dishes, practicing portions, serving meals to delivering amazing guest experience, is quite a challenge.

Having said this, you can certainly imagine the amount of pressure a restaurateur has, who owns a chain restaurant. How can he keep control of everything that takes place at (let’s say) five different locations? Hence, a chain restaurant is far more demanding than an independent restaurant.


Ask your FOH staff to have an eye for detail and train them accordingly. Make sure they fully comprehend food, beverages, and the kind of service you are looking to deliver.

Technology can certainly help you in this; eliminating the need to be physically present at the site. From helping chefs in preparing dishes, maintaining good inventory stock, controlling discounts, guiding front-of-office employees in handling guests to examining sales performance of several eateries, nearly everything can be done with present day gimmicks and gadgets.

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